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Welcome to the Geezers Motorcycle Club Web Site
I will be updating this site as frequently as I can.
There is a mailbox available for anyone that wants the use of one, your address would be Each box will have your name and you will choose your own password. Please let me know if you want one, and what name you will want on it.
We have lost 3 Brothers in 2010.  They leave a very large hole in our Brotherhood.
Not just in membership, but in our hearts.  Dan Carrel, Steve Tooth and Bruce Pacourek.
They each brought something into our lives in one form or another and will be missed.
Please click on a picture to go to our Memorial Page

I have updated the site a little.  On the Menu Page I added a selection
"How the Geezers got started", so if you don't know how we became us,
go to the menu page and take a look. I also added our 2 newest members
on the Members Page, Look for Karla and "New" Jack.

Our Club is growing and getting better with the new folks coming in.  All I can
say is, they must be like the rest of us, "Still Crazy After All These Years!" 


This site will always be
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