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We are a bunch of old farts, and old farts in training (the younger members) who just like to ride.

We don’t allow crotch rockets, knee draggers, organ donors, wall paper and any other name for the bikes requires their riders to lean over the gas tank, and show the world the backside! They have a place, like we all do on the road, but that place isn’t with us!

We are by no means an outlaw group! Most of us are too old to be outlaws anymore! We don’t have any rules, except the crotch rocket rule. We also try to support any ride that has to do with helping kids. We all know about troubled kids, and if we can support a ride that raises money to help them, we will ride for that. We also will ride for sick children. We try to help support programs that will give a sick child some hope to live one more day. You can’t turn your back on them! 

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